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After three disrupted school years, school districts have more responsibility than ever to get their young students engaged and back on track.

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School districts become responsible for solving the skills gap problem in students K-12

Pandemic measures trigger unprecedented disengagement in students of all ages

State funding of after school programs reach a record high in response to the current state of education

A System That Works

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What educators are saying about us

"The team at WorkED provided an exemplary customized approach to our needs, exceeding our expectations on every level. Our students gained valuable industry experience and lifelong network connections, instilling a new level of confidence, self-awareness, and setting them on an upward trajectory for success! Thank you WorkED Team for your passion, conviction, and dedication in going the extra mile to truly make a difference!"

Donna Woods, Academic Pathway Lead | Moreno Valley School District


Game Design


Artificial Intelligence

Drones and Aviation

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Students love to tell us why they love WorkEd

"My parents have signed me up for a ton of after-school courses before but this was the first one I actually learned anything I care about from. I finally got to learn how video games are made! I'm going to do this when I grow up."

Mason M.
Fresno Unified School District - Middle School Aspiring Video Game Developer

Our programs are developed by top-tier companies

Partnering with us guarantees program success

Would recommend to a friend

Gained clarity over their future

Will choose a pathway related to the program in high school

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But, even with record levels of state funding, educators are, understandably, still struggling to run the after school programs that could give young students the boost they need. 

WorkED deploys tailored summer and after school programs in-person, and at scale, for elementary and middle schools, designed to take away the pain of organizing and filling spots. 

Through gamification of learning, local community building and partnerships with top companies, not only do our programs set students up for success with 21st century skills but they are necessary building blocks that students need and crave. 

All our programming is designed to help educators meet ELO-P mandates so that you can continue providing high-value opportunities to your students.

Money & Investing

Story Telling


App Design

Starter programs specifically researched, designed and tested for students grades 4-8 

If the material isn’t age-appropriate, relevant and dynamic, nobody’s having fun. Our programs meet kids where they’re at and only give them what they care about; so they sign up, stay engaged, and succeed at their level.

Designed to appeal to disengaged students

Built to spark upward mobility at a young age

Instead of just sitting around keeping busy, students will be engaging in team-based challenges and activities that teach them real-life skills. After the program ends, WorkED keeps working with students to provide resources for career pathways after completion.

Meaningful assessments for all student types

Isn’t it time we found something better than standardized testing? Our assessments test career-focused skills, with reports that show what students are truly capable of. We motivate students to choose pathways at an early age so that your district provides long-term student success.

Tired of keeping track of all those emails, files and systems just to run one program? We’ve built a platform that brings everyone and everything needed to run after-school programming together in one place.

Easy to implement and scale

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